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Sheikh Abdullah did not write a book, as he said his murids were his book – his teachings live on in their hearts. He also did not leave a Naqshbandi Sheikh as a successor.

He left Sheikh Abdul Aziz as his Mevlevi successor.

If someone is looking for a genuine Naqshbandi Sufi Master, then Mawlana Sheikh Hisham Kabbani is well qualified and trustworthy.

Sheikh Hisham trained for over fifty years under Shaykh Nazim and his teacher, Sheikh Abdullah ad-Daghestani – two Sheikhs from the illustrious Naqshbandi Golden Chain. Both of these Sheikhs made Sheikh Hisham their successor, with their approval for him to guide pupils. Being married to Hajjah Naziha, Sheikh Hisham is Sheikh Nazim’s son-in-law. He is an internationally renowned Sufi Master, having spent his life spreading the Sufi teachings of love, peace, tolerance and respect.

As a point of interest, Sheikh Hisham, Sheikh Abdullah Sirr Dan al Jamal and Sheikh Nazim spent time together in Tripoli. Sheikh Abdullah Sirr Dan al Jamal stayed with Sheikh Hisham and Hajjah Naziha in their home in Beirut.

Sheikh Hisham is a spiritual doorway through which Western students can receive ongoing inspiration and guidance from the Saints of the Naqshbandi Golden Chain.

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Mawlana Sheikh Hisham