Sheikh Abdullah with Sheikh Nazim


Chains of Transmission

Each Sufi Sheikh has been trained to make a spiritual heart to heart connection with their Teacher or Sheikh. Consequently, this forms a Chain of Spritual Transmission, from Sheikh to Sheikh, back to the originator and benefactor of these Chains – the Prophet, Muhammad (saws), who then connects these Chains to Allah Almighty.

A ‘Chain of Transmission’ in Sufi terminology is a ‘Silsila’ or Tariquat’.

As each Silsila traces back to the Prophet, this provides the living Sheikh with a rich tradition that spans over 1400 years. The Sheikh is able to draw upon the Oceans of Knowledge provided by the Masters that have preceded him.

Sheikh Abdullah had links to the following Chains of Transmission:

Sheikh Muhammad Nazim Adil al-Haqqani
Sheikh Muhammad Aslam
Sheikh Muhammad Rashid Erol